Procedure Time

2 to 4 Hours

Overnight Stay

5 Nights Hotel – 1 Night Hospital


General Anesthesia

Final Results

6 Months


2 to 4 Weeks to return to work

Side Effect:

Bleeding, Infection, Seroma, Anesthesia Risks, suture reaction


Scarring, Nerve Damage, Permanent Numbness, Leakage Unsatisfactory Results


1 Month


Yes (Will fade away by time)




6 Months

Multiple surgeries:

Vaser Liposuction, Mommy Makeover

Arm Lift

Arm lift is the method used to solve the problem of loosening and excess skin in the part of the arm starting from the elbow to the armpit. In arm lift, the arm’s skin is stretched to give the arm the desired form. People who have arm sagging problems can get rid of this problem by applying brachioplasty surgery. The lower age limit for arm lift surgery is 18. However, the average age of those who prefer this aesthetic is usually between 40-50 years. Arm lift are performed due to the problem of loosening in the arm after weight gain and loss, the desire of people with excess weight to thin their arms or the sagging of the upper part of the arm due to aging. There are two different methods of brachioplasty. One of them, as we mentioned above, is a surgical procedure. The other method is a non-surgical arm lift operation.

Non-surgical arm lift treatment can be performed by the liposuction method without surgery. Arm lift treatment applied with liposuction is often preferred because it is painless. It can also be said that this method gives very successful results.

A thin incision is made from the armpit to the elbow to remove the excess in the inner part of the person’s arm in the arm lift treatment with surgery and liposuction treatment. Fatty tissue is taken from this incision with the help of liposuction to provide arm stretch. Excess skin is removed. This method is usually performed under general anesthesia.

After the arm stretching surgery, the patient should keep his/her arms high. Besides, bandages are applied to reduce and prevent edema, bleeding, and swelling. Another issue to be aware of is that the arms are not moved excessively. For the arms to be used in heavy work, at least three weeks must pass after the surgery.

Arm lift is a serious surgical procedure performed under anesthesia, so it requires your immune system strong enough to deal with the anesthesia. That’s why it’s important to stop smoking before surgery and during arm lift recovery.

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