Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

The purpose of eyelid surgery is to correct the deformities in the eyelids. By this procedure, problems related to eyelids are also eliminated.

In which situations is eyelid surgery applied?

  • In the treatment of sagging skin that disrupts the natural appearance of the eyelid and also makes it difficult to see,

  • Fat deposits that are seen as swelling in the eyelids,

  • In the removal of bags under the eyes,

  • In loosened lower eyelids that reveal the whiteness under the iris,

  • In the excess skin and fine wrinkles in the lower eyelid,

eyelid surgery can be applied.

Who can have eyelid surgery?

Healthy individuals who do not have any medical conditions that may adversely affect the healing process and people without serious eye problems are suitable for eyelid surgery

How is the person who will have eyelid surgery prepared for the surgery? What should be done before the procedure?

First of all, if there are medications used by the person, they should be followed-up under the control of a doctor.

Smoking should be stopped within the period recommended by the doctor.

If blood thinners such as aspirin are used, the medications should be stopped for a certain period under the doctor’s follow-up.

And the surgery must be applied by a specialist doctor in a comprehensive and quality hospital. Eyelid surgery cost may include more than one procedure. Your doctor decides what you need after your first consultation. Eyelid surgery recovery time can take several monthsIf you wanted to know extra information about eyelid surgery Istanbul you can contact us 24/7. Also, you can see our patient’s eyelid before and after photos on our website.

Who is a good candidate for eyelid surgery?

  • Patients who have droopy eyelids that leave them looking tired or drained

  • Patients who have puffy under-eye ‘bags’ or fat deposits under their eyes

  • Patients who have their vision impaired due to sagging upper eyelid skin

  • Patients who have excess skin or wrinkles around their lower eyelids that cause them to look older than they actually are

What are the benefits of eyelid surgery?

  • Having refreshed, more youthful eye appearance

  • Having reduced under-eye bags

  • Gettin rid of baggy, puffy skin below your eyes can give you a tired, fatigued appearance.

  • Having fewer visible fine lines

  • Having improved vision

  • Having confidence from physical improvements achieved from Blepharoplasty Surgery

What to do after eyelid operation?

The face sometimes may look a little bruised and feel tender after the operation, so cold packs are placed over your eyes for comfort. It will take a couple of weeks for any swelling to settle down, and while there is not a lot of discomfort afterwards make sure you have appropriate painkillers and eye drops ointment during your recovery. You should take a week off work and avoid strenuous activities for at least six weeks.

How long will it take for recovery?

Recovery times from Eyelid Surgery can vary significantly from person to person. The length of your healing period will depend on your specific procedure and be influenced by other health and lifestyle factors.In general. However, allow 4-6 weeks for initial recovery following your surgery. Scar healing often takes longer, up to a year or more. Good results depend on a collaborative approach and a healthy lifestyle; so please follow the specific instructions given to you by your Surgeon.