How many cup sizes you can lose with breast reduction?

Many women wish to have bigger and fuller breasts when they look in the mirror, but for many women, their biggest concern is also the size of their breasts.

With Coolest Clinic, we want you to know that you don't have to settle for heavy, sagging breasts. In this article, we highlight one of our most popular procedures: breast reduction.

Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammoplasty, is a procedure that removes excess skin, fat and other tissue from your breasts.

Most women choose reduction mammoplasty to relieve back pain, help them lose weight and achieve more body contours.

Several factors affect how many cup sizes you can lose with breast reduction such as the volume you need to lose, the composition of your breasts and the incision technique being used.

In general, you can expect to lose one or two cup sizes. During your first consultation, we will evaluate your aesthetic goals and breast composition to give you a good idea of what results you can realistically expect.


Are you a good candidate for reduction mammoplasty?

The best candidates for reduction mammoplasty are adolescents and adults who have trouble fitting into bras and clothing due to nerve pain, chronic skin irritation or rash beneath the breasts as well as those who suffer from chronic pain around the neck, back and shoulders due to very large breasts. It is also important that the candidates do not smoke, and do not suffer from diabetes or heart conditions.

The amount of time you need to recover from breast reduction will depend on your natural healing rate as well as the extent of surgery. You will be able to get up and walk around the same day of surgery, although you should have a trusted adult with you during the first 24 hours. While you may be permitted to shower a few days after surgery, you will probably need help getting dressed, as you will not have full range of motion in your chest and shoulders at first. After the surgery, you should stay and rest at home for 3-7 days, and use the prescribed antibiotics and painkillers recommended by your doctor. This is important about your recovery process. Using a sport bra is necessary in order you avoid squeezing or swinging. Bra helps you reduce the pain and reform the breast.

You will be able to lift heavy weights approximately 4 weeks after the breat reduction surgery. However, you should avoid pulling or pushing something during the recovery period. You can return to the physical exercises after a month. You should avoid forcing your arm and chest muscles until that time and you should also quit smoking and drinking alcohol for at least one month. Smoking and drinking alcohol affect the regeneration of your cells which may result in your surgery scars to be permanent.

Some patients have an emotional reaction such as depressions after the surgery. Although it can be considered as normal, you should make sure to tell your doctor about all of your concerns.

Every patient can recover from surgery differently. Some patients may feel hypersensitivity while some others may feel a short-term numbness in the area. It is also possible that you don't experience any of these sensations.


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