Beard Transplant in Turkey

Beard Transplant in Turkey

Turkey has quickly become one of the leading countries in the hair transplantation field. We have been hosting not only male patients but also female patients as well in our country with hair transplant treatments for years.

Along with hair transplantation, which is now known by everyone, beard transplantation has become another procedure that is in demand particularly by foreign patients recently. So, what is a beard transplant? Is it a completely different procedure than a hair transplant?

Beard transplantation has begun to receive the demand in recent years. The procedure is carried out very similarly to a regular hair transplant. It involves transplanting the hair follicles that are taken from the scalp into the sparse parts in the beard and mustache area. The procedure aims to create a thicker and fuller beard for the patients. The results will begin to be visible after 3 months, and the desired thicker beard will be achieved within 12 months when the hair follicles have grown enough.

Why Choose Beard Transplant?

Growing a beard or a mustache may not be that easy for every man. The appearance of a beard is usually related to genetic factors and hormones, and the most effective solution to this issue is beard transplantation.  Even though some men do not mind this, it may be a bigger problem for others. Indeed, a beard for men is almost like an accessory on the face. Having a nice beard makes most men feel more attractive and increases their self-confidence.

A beard transplantation procedure is operated to obtain a natural-looking result. The back of the head and the neck are the most preferred areas to harvest the hair as they suit very well with the mustache and beard. The beard transplant is a more tender operation than a hair transplant in this regard; the hair follicles that will be transplanted should be suitable for the beard structure of the patient, otherwise, the results will look artificial. We recommend an alternative method in case of the patient doesn’t have enough hair follicles to harvest in these areas.

If you care about your beard you may choose to get a beard transplant in Turkey at much cheaper prices than in many countries. You can contact us for a free consultancy with our specialist surgeons who are experienced in the field for years.

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