No Touch Laser Eye Treatment

No Touch Laser Eye Treatment

The use of laser technology in medicine has become widespread since its introduction in our lives. Modern medicine has to follow and keep up with all kinds of developments in order to move forward. In this context, laser technology is used in several fields from dentistry to eye surgery today.

Thanks to laser treatment, patients are permanently eliminated from using eyeglasses and contact lenses. However, patients are often intimidated by the use of laser technology in eye surgeries. Many of them hesitate to choose this method as they are afraid of the laser that will directly contact their eyes during the procedure. Luckily, we have TransPRK (aka No Touch Laser) treatment to offer these patients.

As the name suggests, in the ‘’No Touch Laser’’ eye treatment, the laser beam doesn’t need to touch the eye as in the conventional methods. The patient only needs to look at the remote laser light device for a few moments during the procedure.

How Is ‘’No Touch Laser’’ Different than Other Laser Treatments?

The biggest difference of the ‘’No Touch Laser’’ (TransPRK) method from the classical LASIK method is that the laser does not directly touch the eyes. In LASIK treatment, which has been used as a common method for years, the cornea tissue in the eye is cut by the laser device and treated this way. However, the TransPRK method skips this step and it’s completed within 50 seconds. Aside from offering a great advantage in terms of both time and comfort, the procedure also reduces several risk factors such as astigmatism, ectasia (corneal dilation) and retinal rupture which can occur after LASIK treatment.

This treatment method is suitable for any patient with myopia, hypermetropia, and astigmatism. This technique should be the priority choice for patients with the thin corneal tissue, particularly as it does not damage the corneal structure. Patients are discharged right after the procedure and they are free to return to their work and school after 4 days. The TransPRK method is completely painless due to the use of numbing eye drops before the process, however, you are likely to experience some sort of discomfort for the first 3 days. These discomforts may include watery eyes, light sensitivity or blurring vision but keep in mind that they are all temporary side effects. We recommend our patients sleep for a few hours after the surgery in order to rest their eyes.

Although TransPRK treatment is more advantageous compared to conventional laser treatments, it is a cheaper alternative. Many patients are looking for clinics nearby that provide this treatment for this reason. The Coolest Clinic has managed to become one of the leading clinics in Turkey by gathering well-trained specialist doctors, the highest level of hygiene standards, and technological equipment. You can contact us for a free consultancy service if you want to get TransPRK treatment at our clinic, where we have hosted hundreds of foreign patients thanks to the health tourism implemented in our country in recent years.

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