Things to Know Before Having a Hair Transplant

Things to Know Before Having a Hair Transplant

People who decide to have a hair transplant have a few questions in mind. These questions are generally about how the process will work, what awaits the patient afterward, and what should be considered before and after the procedure.

First of all, it is necessary to be aware that hair transplantation is not a simple procedure but a serious operation. It should be performed by a qualified physician in a sterile clinic or hospital environment. People who will have hair transplantation should take care in choosing a doctor and be careful not to have this procedure done in unsafe and non-sterile places. Hair transplantation is an operation performed with aesthetic concerns and the personal care to be applied by the patient after the operation is of great importance in order to achieve a successful result.

You have decided to have a hair transplant. What awaits you now?

Many factors are effective in obtaining an effective result from hair transplantation. There are many factors such as graft quality, hair loss rate, and shape, hair density in the donor area, alcohol, and smoking. All of these will be evaluated by your doctor and an appropriate treatment plan will be made for you to achieve the most efficient result. Everyone's hair loss is at different levels and forms, so how much hair transplantation will be done for each patient should be determined separately and appropriate treatment should be recommended.

Before the Hair Transplantation

Your doctor will ask you to do some things before the operation. You need to do these to minimize the risk of complications that may occur during and after the procedure. The most important of these is to stop smoking at least one week before the operation if you are smoking. Keep in mind that smoking will slow down the healing process. You should stay away from smoking and alcohol for at least 3 weeks after the operation. You should also stop drinking herbal teas, particularly green tea, coffee, and caffeine one week before the operation. Herbal teas and drugs such as aspirin that prevent blood clotting increase the risk of bleeding. For this reason, it is necessary to stay away from them in order to take precautions before the operation.

Wash your hair before you come to the operation, but do not use hair styling products such as gel, or wax, or any lotion. Choose something with a wide neck that you can wear and take off comfortably. A button-up sweater or a simple shirt is the best option.

After the Hair Transplantation

The vast majority of patients who undergo hair transplantation lose all or part of their transplanted hair approximately 3 weeks after surgery. Don't worry; this is quite normal and expected. The hair shed in an average of 6 months will grow again and this time, they will be in a bushy and robust structure, since they are obtained from a strong donor area. 2 days after the procedure the specialist team will wash your hair in the clinic for the first time. Don’t remove your bandages or touch your head until this. You will need to wash your hair every day for the first month. Your doctor will give you all the necessary instructions and prescribe the products you should use. You should be careful to protect yourself from the sun during your recovery.

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