What Is the Best Age for Otoplasty

What Is the Best Age for Otoplasty

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that is very easily performed today thanks to modern medicine. The prominent ear is a common aesthetic problem. Although it is not a problem that physically affects health, it is known that children with prominent ears lack self-confidence and are exposed to peer bullying. Conscious parents take this situation seriously and want to save their children from this situation as soon as possible. This brings to mind the question of what is the best age for otoplasty.

With the otoplasty operation, procedures such as bringing the ears closer to the head, ear reduction, and correction of the folds if there is an anomaly in the ear folds are performed. The ears begin to develop from birth. Prominent ear shape occurs as a result of growth in the wrong position genetically or in the mother's womb. The ears complete most of their development until the age of 5-6, so the otoplasty operation can be performed from the age of 5. The doctors strongly advise parents to have their children do the surgery before their children start school to avoid peer bullying at school. Thus, children do not have self-confidence problems with their ears and are not affected negatively by this situation.

In otoplasty surgeries, the surgical incision is made behind the ear. The stitch marks remain behind the ear and do not appear in this way. The surgery takes an average of 1 hour and is a very easy procedure.  During the procedure, the cartilage tissue is weakened and the ear is reshaped. Although technically it is possible to perform the surgery even under local anesthesia, general anesthesia is preferred in order not to scare the children. Although it is mostly performed on children, it is possible to perform otoplasty on adults. According to the joint decision of the patient and the doctor in adults, the operation is performed under local or general anesthesia.

After the otoplasty surgery, the patients are sent home safely on the same day. After the tapes placed on the ears at the end of the operation are removed 1 week later, the new shape of the ear immediately emerges. Otoplasty surgery satisfies parents and children with a fast recovery process and successful results.

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