Difficulties in a Revision Rhinoplasty

Difficulties in a Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision surgery is needed in 25% of rhinoplasty surgeries. This revision may sometimes be necessary for minor retouches and sometimes for large deformations. It is necessary not to rush to decide on the necessity of revision surgery. The final results of the first rhinoplasty surgery appear only in 1-1.5 years; because swelling and edema have not completely disappeared during this period. Therefore, revision rhinoplasty operations do not take place before 1-2 years unless there is a very urgent, particularly a functional problem. However, if the patient cannot breathe comfortably, it is immediately intervened.

If revision rhinoplasty surgery is performed to correct a minor complication, there is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, sometimes medical nose filling is sufficient to correct these minor complications without the need for a surgical procedure. However, if there are large deformations in the shape of the new nose or if the patient cannot breathe properly, revision surgery is inevitable.

The basic principle of open rhinoplasty surgery is to remove the curved nasal cartilage by entering through the nose. If the patient needs a second operation, the cartilage required for the operation may not be found enough, sometimes even at all, through the nose. In this case, cartilage is taken from the ear or rib. This is why revision rhinoplasty is more difficult than the initial surgery.

The nose skin has been damaged to a certain extent due to the previous surgery. Therefore, even if the surgeon shapes the underlying bone and cartilage tissue well, it will take more time for the nasal skin to heal for the second time. Likewise, due to the previous surgery, the bone and cartilage under the skin havr firmly adhered to the tissue and that situation requires waiting for wound healing in order to separate the nasal skin from the underlying bone and cartilage thoroughly. For these reasons, revision surgeries that need to be performed before 1 year can be challenging for the doctor and the patient.

Although very rare, revision rhinoplasty may have to be performed for the second time. Having rhinoplasty surgery for the third time undoubtedly brings along a mentally challenging process for the patient. For the surgeon, the difficulties encountered in the first revision surgery may be the same or even more depending on the patient's condition. Choosing a good surgeon and clinic is very important to avoid the need for revision rhinoplasty. If you are thinking of having rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey, you can get a free consultation from our specialist surgeons and learn everything you wonder about by contacting us immediately.

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