7 Tips for Healing Process after Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy tuck is a great procedure that will help you get a tight abdomen. Although the results are incredible, it is a comprehensive procedure that requires special care after treatment. It is important to consider how long it will take to recover and how to take care of the scar when you decide to have a tummy tuck. Therefore we want to share with you the healing process after tummy tuck operation in this article. 

There are many reasons why a person might choose to have a tummy tuck. Reasons for thinking about a tummy tuck include: 

-Loose skin or abdominal sagging after pregnancy

-Excess skin after losing weight

-Protruding stomach despite losing weight

 There are some tips to speed up the recovery after tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty).


1. Rest at home for two weeks. 

Rest time after tummy tuck surgery is crucial for recovery. Our experts recommend that patients take at least two weeks leave from work. If you go back to work too early, it can create stress on the body that can hinder healing or even cause injury.


 2. Create a relaxing area in your home.

Being relaxed while resting helps healing. It will also make this process much easier for you and your body. Move slowly as you get in and out of your bed and use a lot of soft pillows.


3. Find someone to help.

Your physical activities will be limited during recovery. So you should have someone to help you whenever you need it. Whether it's cooking, doing household chores, or helping you get in and out of bed, getting help from another person can make the recovery a lot easier.


4. Take short walks.

Although resting is very important during recovery, regular walks can also be very beneficial for the body. This can help prevent blood clots and keep the body from getting stiff.


5. Eat well.

Food is very effective on the way your body works. That's why eating healthy foods can help you recover faster and feel better during recovery. Don't forget to eat better foods and drink plenty of water during your healing process.


6. Stop smoking.

Smoking can limit blood flow and cause a number of health complications related to your procedure. It is necessary to quit smoking a few weeks before the tummy tuck operation and avoid it for at least the recovery period.


7. Follow the rules.

At the end of the day, your surgeon's rules and recommendations regarding your recovery should be followed strictly. Following his/her advices will ensure the smoothest healing possible.


The speed of recovery after a tummy tuck operation is greatly affected by the activities and the diet of the patient. If you're reading this article, you must be thinking about getting a tummy tuck operation. For more information about tummy tuck, you can call us immediately and ask your questions to our international patient coordinators.


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