Breast Uplift and Breast Implant After Pregnancy

Breast Uplift and Breast Implant After Pregnancy

Nine months of pregnancy is an unforgettable experience for any woman. Breastfeeding establishes a connection between the mother and the infant. This exciting and fun period also leads to changes in the body of women. Therefore, women may need a mommy makeover for an aesthetic touch. One of the most common grievances among new mothers is having saggy breasts. Mastopexy is a technique aimed to raise and redefine breasts for a younger appearance.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding often bring about drastic changes to a woman's breast tissue. Although breast changes in women during pregnancy and lactation are highly unpredictable, the swelling occurs by expanding the skin and shifting the form of the breasts most of the time. The breasts deflate after the completion of pregnancy and lactation and leave behind loose skin. After labor, your breasts will become bloated, strong, and sore. This growth continues as the breast constantly overflows during breastfeeding.

Breast Lift as a Solution

With a breast lift surgery, moms want to refurbish the shape of their breasts. A breast lift procedure, also known as the Mastopexy, involves reshaping and raising the breast to treat excessively droopy breasts. The operation is performed under general anesthesia and lasts for about two hours. You should avoid intensive exercise and lifting heavy to assist ensure proper recovery and prevent complications.

Result of the Surgery

The surrounding soft structure needs to be decided after breast lifting in order to continue lifting for several years. Breast lift preserves the volume of the breast that has lost its volume. In this case, silicone is used by the surgeon to form the breast tissue.

Which Season Should You Choose to Get a Breast Lift?

The perfect time to get a breast lift is before the summer season since many women want to be ready for the beach and sea. However, you should take your time to be completely healed after the operation, which takes around 6 months. Therefore, getting a breast lift in the winter or autumn is a better choice.

Breastfeeding after Surgery

Most women are worried that they will have breastfeeding issues after having breast surgery. Mastopexy does not normally preclude or limit breastfeeding.

The alteration in the form and function of the breast is not the same in every mother after childbirth and breastfeeding. The skin structure of the female, fibrous tissue, breast hanger bands, the width of the rib cage, the ratio of fat tissue to milk-producing glands, and variability according to the size of the breast are factors influencing this disorder. You can contact us anytime to have a free consultation if you have further questions.

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