Choose Laser Teeth Whitening Instead of Unreliable Products

Choose Laser Teeth Whitening Instead of Unreliable Products

We all have used a variety of whitening products to get pearly teeth at one time or another. But did you know that using these products unconsciously is dangerous? Indeed, you must be careful when using such products, even if you think you haven’t seen any side effects, positive or negative. Whitening products that are not used under the doctor's control can damage your teeth and gums in the long run.

Yellowing and staining may occur on the teeth for many reasons, including inadequate oral and dental care, excessive coffee, tea, acidic beverages, and sugary food consumption, and tobacco use. However, the whitening toothpaste or tooth whitening gels that you use as a solution can damage the tooth enamel due to the abrasive substances they contain. 

So, should these products never be used? The most appropriate answer to this question is that there is no harm in using these as long as your dentist approves them. Although many people are satisfied with these products in the beginning, graying and darkening on the teeth quickly occur afterward. If abrasion occurs in the gums, patients' complaints of sensitivity and stinging in their teeth also increase. Thus, the quality of life of the patients who cannot easily consume cold and hot foods due to sensitivity decreases.

Instead of wasting time with these products, you can choose laser teeth whitening treatment, which is a more permanent and safe method. This technique is a safe, painless, and effective treatment as long as it is performed by experienced dentists in a well-equipped clinic. With laser teeth whitening, one of the newest treatment methods of modern dentistry, you can have up to 10 shades of whiter teeth. Patients usually need 2 or 3 sessions. If you use our supplementary whitening products, take good care of your teeth and stay away from nicotine and caffeine, it is possible to maintain the effect of laser teeth whitening treatment for up to two years, just like the first day. Laser teeth whitening is a safely repeatable treatment.

If you also want to benefit from laser teeth whitening and many more cosmetic dentistry procedures in Turkey, you can get a free consultation from our specialist dentists. Contact us now! 

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