Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Ethnic origin is an important factor that affects the personal traits and physical features of individuals, including their nose shape. The procedure, in which minimal surgical techniques are meticulously performed in order to obtain a natural result, without disturbing the patient’s characteristic nasal feature, is called ethnic rhinoplasty. 

This surgery helps patients to improve their facial appearance without losing their unique facial features that bear traces of their ethnic background. It is a specially developed rhinoplasty technique for individuals with different nose sizes like African, Middle Eastern, Latin American, Asian, and Spanish. Ethnic rhinoplasty is significantly different from standard nose reduction surgeries for Caucasian origin. The nose structure of Caucasus origin requires cartilage and bone removal, whereas ethnic rhinoplasty is performed by the method of nasal enlargement and cartilage addition in Afro-American and Asian people.

Ethnic rhinoplasty requires extensive experience, expertise, and knowledge of facial standards for different ethnic groups and can only be performed by specialist surgeons. This study involves finer surgical techniques compared to the standard rhinoplasty methods. Grafts and materials such as implants may be needed to obtain a more pronounced and raised nose structure in this operation. Naturally textured and porous implants are used in order to get a nose shape that is suitable for the face and ethnicity of the patients.

Who Are Suitable for Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Patients with very small and flat noses, which are incompatible with chin and forehead structure, wide nostrils, low and disproportionate or excessively nose tips are suitable for ethnic rhinoplasty surgery. Patients who have common nasal features such as drooping, disproportionate, asymmetrical noses, bulbous nose tips, and excessively lifted noses can also consider ethnic rhinoplasty. Ethnic rhinoplasty cannot be performed on children. Patients must be at least 17 years old.

Facial features are balanced without suppressing the ethnic origins of the patient after ethnic rhinoplasty. The nose is reshaped and the facial appearance is improved by a distinct change. A symmetrical face is achieved by redefining the eyes, chin, and cheeks. The patient’s self-confidence and quality of life is improved. In addition to all these, breathing problems, deviation of the cartilage, and other functional defects of the nose can be corrected with this surgery.

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