Everything You Need to Know about Mommy Makeover

Everything You Need to Know about Mommy Makeover

Motherhood and childbirth are the most important and beautiful things in a woman's life. Bringing another human into the world is an extraordinary experience, so after such a miracle, remarkable changes in the mother's body are inevitable. Not only pregnancy and childbirth but also during breastfeeding, the female body undergoes deformation. This situation is the nightmare of most mothers and expectant mothers. As such, the procedure called "mommy makeover" has attracted great interest in recent years. So what is a mommy makeover? Who is suitable for it? We will tell you everything you wonder about the mommy makeover in this article.

"Mommy makeover", as the name suggests, is a regenerative aesthetic procedure for mothers. Mommy makeover is a combined and large surgery performed by applying at least two procedures together. After birth and breastfeeding, the most deformed areas in the female body are the abdomen and breasts. Therefore, tummy tuck and breast surgeries are the most prominent procedures in mommy makeover surgeries. Although the most needed breast lift (mastopexy) is among these breast surgeries, this procedure is usually carried out together with breast augmentation or breast reduction according to the needs of the patient. Of course, the most deformed area during pregnancy and after birth is the abdominal region. In this area, tummy tuck surgery is performed for postpartum cracks and skin sagging, and liposuction is performed to remove excess fat. In addition, the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) procedure is operated on patients who want a thinner waist and more prominent hip lines. In the BBL procedure, the fat taken from the person's own body is injected into the buttocks and the buttocks are shaped and enlarged. The fat taken is selected from the areas the patient has complained of: waist, abdomen, upper arm, or upper legs. BBL procedure is a safe operation with a low risk of complications as the patient's adipose tissue is used.

While the surgeries we mentioned above are the most common in a standard mommy makeover procedure, a mommy makeover is a purely personalized operation. All necessary procedures can be added to the surgery plan drawn according to the needs of each patient. If sagging or excessive fattening occurs in the arms and/or inner buttocks under the effect of weight gain and loss after pregnancy, lifting and liposuction surgeries can be operated on these areas. After the birth, a considerable deformation occurs in the genital area especially in women who have given birth several times in a row. For mothers who have lost their self-confidence due to this situation, genital plastic surgery can be added to the mommy makeover procedure. The procedures performed on the genital area are reduction attempts for the external genital area, vaginal tightening, and removal of excess skin/fat in the pubic bump area. As a result of post-motherhood stress, insomnia, fatigue, weight gain and loss, many women also prefer facial aesthetics.

So, who is a good candidate for a mommy makeover? When is the best time for this surgery? Although mommy makeover is an operation developed mostly for mothers, many patients who need these surgeries, even though they have not given birth, benefit from the mommy makeover procedure. Suitable candidates for the surgery are primarily those who are in good health and do not intend to have more children. The patient can become pregnant after the mommy makeover procedure but you should keep in mind that this will destroy the results of the surgery. If you are planning to become a mother again, it would be more logical to postpone your surgery plan. Mommy makeover is a heavy surgery where major procedures are intertwined, so you should rest for at least 6 weeks after surgery and avoid household chores. Apart from these household chores, you should have someone with you to help you take care of them, especially if you have young children. Remember that if you are employed, you will need to take at least 10 days off from work. If you plan all these and enter the procedure, you will experience a much more comfortable surgery and recovery process.

You can contact our clinic to find out how much mommy makeover surgery costs. Since the prices will vary according to the number of procedures to be included, you can only get the clearest information from our doctors.

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