Have a Picture-Perfect Smile with Hollywood Smile Design

Have a Picture-Perfect Smile with Hollywood Smile Design

Hollywood smile is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that is inspired by the smiles of Hollywood stars. The Hollywood smile design should be considered as a whole combination of several procedures. This smile design ensures that teeth are not only aesthetically beautiful but also healthy. The treatment process should be planned following the needs of each patient. For this particular reason, the most important point in smile design is to make a personalized design for every patient.

Principles of Hollywood Smile Design

Each patient should be handled considering their anatomical structure and expectations in order to perform a good smile design. However, some criteria support the perfect smile concept and are indispensable for this method.

The most distinctive feature of the Hollywood smile design is having a deep smile line. In other words, all teeth should be visible including upper molars when the person smiles. The imaginary line passing through the cutting edges of upper teeth should create a beautiful harmony with the lower lip. Also, the corners of the mouth should be positioned above the midpoint of the upper lip when smiling. The patient’s upper gums should be seen up to a maximum of 2 mm when s/he smiles.

As it is understood, it is not enough to only treating the teeth for a good Hollywood smile design. It is usually necessary to benefit from lip fillings, botox, soft tissue surgery, gum operations in order to fix the smiling line of the patients. Porcelain veneers, zirconium crowns, dental implants, and teeth bleaching are the most popular treatments among these cosmetic dentistry procedures.

This procedure can be applied to anyone who wishes to have a perfect smile. The dentist should understand the patient’s demands and expectations thoroughly, analyze how well the treatment results match with these. If the patient has a dental or oral issue that requires treatment, this should be resolved before applying teeth bleaching or dental crowns.

Our patients can’t believe the magnificent difference between their old and brand new smiles when we show them before and after photos. Most of them state that they are very content with the results they got and recommend this to everyone. Today, many foreign patients are coming to Turkey for smile design and other cosmetic dentistry procedures, which are very popular all over the world. You can get a free consultancy from our specialist dentists by contacting our clinic now if you are looking for quality treatment at cheaper prices.

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