Is Breast Reduction Surgery Safe?

Is Breast Reduction Surgery Safe?

Since plastic surgery operations are mostly performed with aesthetic concerns, the decision-making process depends entirely on the patient. Sometimes this decision-making stage can be challenging for patients. The issue that makes patients concerned the most are the risks of the surgery and whether it is safe or not. It is not possible to give an exact answer to this question, because there are many variables here. The risk is very low as long as the surgery is performed by an experienced, specialist doctor in a well-equipped clinic or hospital. 

If you are considering having breast reduction surgery, you probably question the risks of the surgery. For this, you will need to assess whether the surgery will achieve your goals and whether the risks and possible complications are acceptable.

Although your plastic surgeon will explain you in more detail in the pre-operative examinations, some of the risks and complications that can be encountered in breast reduction surgery, as in any surgical procedure, are:

-Unfavorable scarring,

-Unevenly shaped breasts or nipples,

-Wound healing issues,

-Numbness in the breasts and nipples,

-Redness, swelling, and bruises on the breasts and nipples,

-Being unable to breastfeeding,

-Excess skin around the incisions, 

-Excessive bleeding,


-Allergic reaction to the materials used during the surgery.

Although the number of such complications is low, they can be seen in some patients. However, most of them are the risks of every surgical operation and others are temporary problems. Just keep in mind that we don’t recommend breast reduction surgery to breastfeeding mothers and those who are not sure if they are done with having children. If you become pregnant again, your breasts may get bigger again during pregnancy and breastfeeding, which counteracts all the effects of the breast reduction surgery. Also, there is always a risk that you won’t be able to breastfeed after this procedure. 

As a result, when breast reduction surgery is applied to patients with good general health status by specialist doctors in a fully equipped clinic or hospital, it is very unlikely that things will go wrong. In the Coolest Clinic, all the necessary evaluations are made before the operation, the general health status and medical history of the patient are taken into consideration. Contact us now to get a free consultation with our plastic surgeons.

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