Veneers versus Crowns, which one is better?

Pros and Cons of Veneers and Crowns

Veneer and Crown are both 2 popular dental cosmetic treatments with many advantages. We offer veneers or crowns to those at Coolest Clinic, Istanbul who try to correct problems with their tooth appearance and condition. Both options are similar and popular in cosmetic dentistry. So you may wonder: what is the distinction between a veneer and a crown? We have your questions here to answer. Our dentists understand that dental decision making is important. That is why we at Coolest Clinic compiled this article which explains in detail veneer versus crown, including similarities, differences, procedures, and the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Are Veneers Right for Me?

Pros of Veneers:

• Minimal tooth damage for otherwise healthy teeth

• Ideal for fixing minor problems such as crooked smiles, shape correction and uneven tooth sizes

• Require less tooth filing than crowns.

• Less invasive than the crowns

Cons of Veneers:

• Leave the tooth's back and sides exposed to new damage, decay or accumulation

• Not as durable as crowns

• Not ideal to repair severe tooth damage or more severe problems with dental health

• Unable to reverse the procedure

Are Crowns Right for Me?

Pros of Crowns:

• Ideal for more serious health problems and esthetic damage such as cracks or breaks

• It protects the whole natural tooth from further damage, accumulation or decay

• A longer lasting option than veneers

Cons of Crowns:

• You may damage your natural teeth by means of extensive filing and/or grinding

• Can be more painful than getting veneers

• Overtime, crowns on the gum are noticeable

• Crown front teeth and crowns full teeth can move more than furnace

Veneers Vs. Crowns – Choosing the Right Option for You

After reading the differences and advantages and disadvantages of veneers and crowns, we hope that you can choose easily which one is best for your individual needs. The following advices are recommended by Coolest Clinic in choosing the correct procedure.

You may want veneers to be the perfect option if you try to repair mild flawing of the appearance of your front teeth. We recommend Veneers for tooth discolouration, small chips or breaks, small gaps between teeth, uneven tooth sizes or somewhat twisted smiles. Each of these problems can be repaired with minimal damage to the original tooth.

If you have to deal with more severe problems of the appearance or if a dental health problem has to be dealt with, corones can also be a great option. We suggest crowns as a solution for severe breakage or cracking teeth, structurally weak teeth, tooth decay, and teeth which have been damaged otherwise by cavities, root conduits and other decay and acuity. Crowns can change the appearance of the teeth by preventing additional damage to the remaining part of the natural tooth. If your concern is the durability of veneers against crowns, the longest lasting option is crowns. Some patients have asked, "Is it possible to put veneers over the crown?," but these two substances will not bond to natural tooth enamel in the same way.

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