What Should You Know About Beard Transplantation?

Beard becomes popular among men day by day. There are even those who say beard is a man's make-up. That's why the beard has become important to men.  Facial hair plays a major role in a man's confidence. Beard transplantation is actually a form of hair transplantation applied to the face. This procedure, which is performed by transplanting hair follicles taken from the scalp to the facial areas where the patient’s beard and mustache are sparse, has recently become more in demand.

Beard transplantation is a very simple operation. The hair follicles to be transplanted are taken from temples or the neck area. Beard transplantation applies in hairless areas that are so due to trauma, burns, infections or genetics. Beard transplantation applies differently to everyone. However, an average of 350-500 roots are needed for the mustache, 600-700 for the chin area, 200-250 for the sideburns, and 300-700 roots for the cheek area.

First, each hair follicle is taken one by one. These hair grafts are then implanted in the necessary areas. The nape area is suitable for the extraction of hair follicles required for beard transplant. Hair roots to be used in beard transplantation should be single because the natural hair follicles in the beard area are always single. Double or triple hair roots look very coarse on the beard. The color range of the hair follicles is also important in beard transplantation in so far as to avoid mixing different colors or distributing black and grey hair follicles improperly. Thus, it is very important to have an expert and experienced doctor perform the transplantation operation. The procedure takes a few hours on local anesthesia. Patients can have a natural-looking beard without feeling any pain or getting any scars.

The recovery takes around 15 days. There may be tiny scabs around the transplanted roots. The area of the transplantation must be kept absolutely dry and untouched. The patient must avoid shaving for 10 days after the procedure. The donor area will recover in 15 days, after which you will reach the same natural appearance that you had before the operation. The patient is discharged on the day of the operation. The transplanted area will look very natural one week after the beard transplantation. You must avoid sun exposure directly on the area for 2 months. The roots will fall out within the first month of the operation but this is not a problem. The new roots will grow within a very short time. Following your doctor's recommendations is very important in this phase.

Beard transplant is an operation that requires knowledge, attention, and special experience. Considering this, those who want to go under beard transplantation must receive advice from a specialist.

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