What to Expect After Arm Lift Surgery?

Arm lift surgery is an operation performed to restore tension by removing unwanted subcutaneous fat tissue and sagging skin in the arm area. Loose and sagging arm skin are one of the sources of a person's unhappiness. This problem is more pronounced in sleeveless clothing. When both arms are opened, sagging resembles like a batwing appears on the lower arm.

Arm Lift Surgery helps to get rid of this situation which bothers the person physically as well as emotionally.

Excess skin is removed with incisions made from the armpit or inside the elbow, and the arm is reshaped. In the presence of excess fat, these oils are removed by liposuction or directly using incisions. Aesthetic stitches are placed on the incision sites. Arm lift surgery usually takes about 1-3 hours depending on the method to be applied according to the condition of the region and is performed under general anesthesia.

People who have unwanted fat accumulation and sagging skin in the arm area can have this operation.

A detailed planning is made before the operation by spreading the arms and marking the areas that are to be removed. Only excess skin, the removal of which will provide adequate tightening without distorting the arm’s contour is marked.


Before Arm Lift Surgery

Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol and discontinue blood thinners for at least one week before surgery.

If you develop any infection, you must inform your doctor before surgery.

In some cosmetic arm surgeries, Liposuction and arm lifting are applied together. In addition, this procedure can be performed in conjunction with the liposuction procedure to be performed in other regions. Arm lift surgery can also be performed in conjunction with other applications such as breast lift, breast reduction or augmentation, thigh lift and abdominoplasty.

Incision marks that occur during surgery are hidden under the arm or in the lower part of the torso. These scars disappear over time.

With arm lift surgery, you can have permanently tightened arms and a more proportionate body. You can usually continue working 1 week after the surgery.

Have many pillows on hand. Elevating your arms with pillows can help reduce swelling and increase comfort during recovery.

Stock your refrigerator with lots of fruits and vegetables and lean proteins. Lean protein assists in healing. Salt increases swelling, so avoid it! Prepare frozen meals in advance. High-protein, low-sodium soft foods are best for the first couple of days.

Schedule time off from work, approximately one week or two weeks, if your job is labor-intensive.


After Arm Lift

Tend to all of your chores before your surgery, so you don’t have to worry about doing anything else during your recuperation. You will not be allowed to engage in heavy lifting for several weeks after surgery.

You should avoid sports and strenuous physical activities for 4-6 weeks after the Arm Lift surgery. After that, you can continue sports activities.

You will look much better in fit clothes after Arm Lift Surgery. You will have increased confidence and a better self-image. You will be able to wear short-sleeves or sleeveless clothing.


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