Who Is Suitable For Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Who Is Suitable For Breast Augmentation Surgery? (Mammoplasty)

To most people, breasts are the most attractive part of women’s body. Therefore having small breasts can be a big source of insecurity for women since their puberty. For this reason, breast augmentation is one of the most preferred and performed plastic surgery operations today. So who is suitable for breast augmentation surgery?

It is safe to say that anyone over the age of eighteen with good physical and mental health can consider a breast augmentation surgery. In general, mammoplasty is not likely to be applied to pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and people who are ill or have an infection. Those who have a newborn infant or intend to have a baby soon might consider getting the surgery afterwards. However, there may be other criteria that your doctor pays attention to. It is important to be honest, and clear with your doctor so that they can assess your condition correctly. Since every woman’s body and expectations are different, each operation is planned separately for each patient. In case your surgeon decides you are not in the right position for the surgery, they may recommend an alternative method instead.

I’m Overweight. Can I Still Get A Breast Augmentation?

Yes, but you should take into consideration that all surgical operations tend to be riskier for overweight patients. However, with the evaluation of the doctor, overweight patients can also have this surgery and obtain successful results.                                             

It should not be forgotten that the whole surgery and recovery process is not only about your physical health, but also your mental health. You should have realistic expectations post-surgery and avoid comparing yourself to others since every patient is unique. Your doctor will make sure that you are informed about every detail of the surgery until you are completely ready.

Post-Surgery and Recovery

You must be able to take some time off from work and get rest after the surgery. It will be favorable to have someone around to help you, as you will not be capable of lifting weight or doing hard work for a while after the surgery. It takes approximately two weeks for patients to get back to their normal life and do daily activities without help. Still, patients should be careful not to force themselves until the doctor finds it appropriate and take their time for recovery.

Is Breast Augmentation Surgery (Mammoplasty) Right For You?

As a result, in the light of the criteria mentioned above, each breast augmentation candidate can decide whether this surgery is suitable for them or not. If you are uncomfortable with the size of your breasts, if your breasts have shrunk after weight loss, or if you think you will be more confident with fuller breasts, mammoplasty may be the right solution for you. For other questions and resolving the best way to achieve your dream breasts, you can get free consultancy by contacting us.


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