Procedure Time

1 to 3 Hours

Overnight Stay

5 Nights Hotel – 1 Night Hospital


General Anesthesia

Final Results

3 to 6 Months


1 Month to return to work

What to bring:

Comfortable Clothes

Side Effect:

Bruises, Bleeding, Infection, Swelling


Anesthesia risks, Hematoma, Scarring, Seroma, Implant Leakage, Asymmetry, Unsatisfactory Results


1 Month


Hidden in breast fold



Multiple surgeries:

Breast Uplift

Breast Augmentation Surgery

While many women can be born with small breast tissues, many may lose some of their breast tissues due to reasons such as birth and weight loss. This is particularly true for fatty tissue in the breast. The loss of fatty tissue in the breast may cause breast skin to sag. Therefore, many women may complain about their breast appearance. Breast Augmentation is the name given to the operations that last between half an hour and one and a half hours and allow the patient to have the breasts in the desired volume.

Breast augmentation isalso known as boob job operations are performed by silicone implant or fat injection method. Two types of silicones, round and drop-shaped, are used in operations performed with silicone implants. While implants in the form of drops provide a natural volume to natural breasts, round silicones are ideal for patients who want a flashy looking cleavage.

In operations performed with fat injection, the fat taken from the patient’s part of the body with excess fat is injected into the breast. These two types of operations also have their own characteristics. Silicone implants provide predictable results and the patient can make it removed at any time. Since the patient’s own tissue is used in fat injection, it does not carry any risk of an allergic reaction. The important thing here is how big breasts the patient wants to have. Fat injection may be preferred if the patient wants a more natural look, and wants less growth compared to the results of silicone implants.

Breast augmentation operations are performed under anesthesia. After the operation, the patient can be discharged on the same day. Again, according to the doctor’s recommendation, the patient can spend the first night in the hospital. It is not a painful operation. Pain to be felt can be relieved by taking painkillers. One week of antibiotics is required just to prevent any infection.

Edema and bruising are usually less after the operation and pass within a maximum of 10 days. The sutures do not need to be removed due to the sutures that do not leave any scars and dissolve by themselves. The patient can easily return to work and social life within a few days after the operation. Although the breasts have taken their new shape after four to six weeks, the final result is achieved within a year.

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