Procedure Time

1 to 3 Hours

Overnight Stay

5 Nights Hotel – 1 Night Hospital


General Anesthesia

Final Results

3 to 6 Months


1 Month to return to work

What to bring:

Comfortable Clothes

Side Effect:

Bruises, Bleeding, Infection, Swelling


Anesthesia risks, Hematoma, Scarring, Seroma, Unsatisfactory Results, Asymmetry, Unsatisfactory Result


1 Month





Multiple surgeries:

Breast Uplift, Breast Augmentation

Breast Reduction

Large breasts can cause women not only to experience physical (back, neck, waist) pain but also to be disturbed by their aesthetic appearance. Breast reduction surgery is preferred to eliminate these problems. Breast reduction surgery is performed by surgically removing the breast tissue and removing the adipose tissue with liposuction. In this way, breasts that are more fit and compatible with body lines are obtained.

Neck pain and back pain are frequently seen in women who have large breasts according to the body structure of women. It has been found that hand and arm nerves that experience compression in the shoulder area cause numbness. Excessive sweating under the breast can cause various skin diseases (fungus, eczema). This situation causes difficulties in providing personal hygiene. Besides, they pose a serious obstacle to women who are professionally interested in sports. They have difficulty in finding clothes suitable for their body size and it has been observed that psychological barriers such as shyness and embarrassment are experienced in their social lives.

Breast reduction surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon in a hospital environment. General anesthesia is applied in the breast reduction. The duration of the surgery may differ depending on the area to be treated. It takes about 1 hour on average and provides an average of 2 size reduction. The liposuction method can be applied if there is breast size caused by adipose tissue. The most ideal method to be applied is determined by the doctor after the examination. Breast reduction surgery can be performed in combination with breast lift surgery. In this way, the chest structure is built up. For the liposuction method, women with large breasts with excess fat tissue, people with sufficient skin elasticity, women with low sagging breasts, and men with gynecomastia problems are suitable patient candidates.

Breast Reduction cost may vary depending on other procedures to be performed. For example, liposuction is one of the very commonly operations in the new this field.

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