Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass was an extremely important standard method before sleeve gastrectomyGastric bypass surgery consists of two stages. First, a part of the stomach is cut to create a volume of about 30-40 ml in the stomach, and then the small intestine is divided at a certain point and the lower part is connected to this smaller stomach. The remaining portion of the intestine is reunited with the small intestine at a lower point. Thus, the volume of the stomach is reduced and the saturation is achieved with less food, and the absorption of nutrients is reduced by bypassing a certain part of the small intestine. The stomach acid and digestive enzymes needed to digest food come together in the lower part of the small intestine. Thus, less calorie intake is provided by being saturated with small portions. It has a healing effect on diabetes by triggering digestive hormones.


The rate of people losing excess weight in the long term is between 60-80%.

As the stomach capacity decreases, satiety is achieved by eating very little.

It has many benefits such as triggering various digestive hormones, suppressing hunger, and improving diabetes.

In the long term, the rate of getting rid of excess weight and maintaining it is over 50%.


It is technically more difficult surgery than sleeve gastrectomy and the risk of complications is higher. The biggest handicap in gastric bypass surgery is that there is no new surgery option when patients regain the weight.

In the long term, it may cause a deficiency of vitamins such as vitamin B 12, iron, calcium, and folate. Therefore, lifelong vitamin and mineral support may be required.

The remaining stomach and duodenum cannot be reached by oral endoscopy.

Internal herniation may occur in the intestines.

Dumping syndrome (feeling bad after eating, nausea, headache) and a marginal ulcer (ulcer at the junction of the stomach and intestine, may cause perforation) may develop.

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