Cosmetic Dentistry

Procedure Time 7 hours

Smile Design: Aesthetic Dentistry 

There is a growing interest in getting a youthful look all over the world nowadays. This of course reflects on our smile. A beautiful smile also makes our face and us look younger. In recent years, more and more people have become interested in teeth that are smooth, unstained, and not broken.

It also attracts attention thanks to television channels that broadcast renewal programs. Whitening product advertisements are widely broadcast in newspapers, magazines, the internet, and televisions. Various articles are being written about smile renewal and whitening products. That's why people want their teeth to be smooth and shiny. Dental clinics provide various services such as porcelain laminate, tooth whitening, replacement of amalgam fillings with white fillings, by consumer demand.

Beautiful Like New

Although dentists have been doing aesthetic restorations for years, the materials used, such as old composite fillings, can crack, wear, and discolor over time.

New composite materials and porcelain crowns are much stronger than old ones, they can withstand wear, cracking, and discoloration much more. 10-20 years ago, people who had broken teeth lived like this or used the expensive and time-consuming porcelain crown treatment. Although porcelain crown applications are still used in the anterior teeth defects, it is possible to repair minor defects, fractures, and damaged teeth with composite filling and to achieve the same color with other teeth. In cases of more serious aesthetic problems and high expectations, the porcelain laminate application gives the best results if all conditions are suitable.

There are also imaging techniques that enable dentists to design digital smiles on the computer screen. The patient who wants to have treatment can see the results before making any decision. Since this imaging technique is relatively new, its generality may be less.

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