No Touch Laser - Eye Laser Treatment

The procedure for the No Touch Laser treatment, as the name suggests, is to perform the treatments without touching the eye, without any contact.

Which patients is this method usually applied to?

It can be applied to all patients whose eye structure is suitable. All patients with distant or near vision problems are candidates for this treatment. This treatment can be applied to people especially whose cornea is thin and whose corneal surface is steeper than normal.

No Touch Laser treatment is performed by simply dropping a drop into the eye and the patient does not feel pain during the application. During the treatment, there is no device contact with the eye, the rays from the laser device are directly treated. The eyes do not need to be closed after the treatment, the patient can go home by keeping both eyes open. The application can be done on both eyes at the same time. After going home, the patient may experience symptoms such as stinging in the eyes, redness, light disturbance, and a blurred vision of small print on television for 36 hours. On the 4th day after the treatment, the patient can start working on the computer and driving.

What kind of application is performed for night vision problems?

In the wavefront application, popularly known as ‘eagle eye‘, light scattering and deviations in the eye are measured and laser treatment is adjusted accordingly. When these deviations are corrected with the wavefront technique, appropriate treatment for the person’s own eye structure is achieved.


Why No Touch Laser?

The treatment takes place without device contact with the eye.

Two eyes are treated in the same session.

Eyes are not closed after treatment.

It can be applied to patients with thin corneas.

It can be applied to myopiahyperopia, and astigmatism.

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