Procedure Time

7 Hours

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that diagnoses and treats the misalignment of teeth on the dental bones and facial irregularities.

Why do orthodontic problems occur and how are they treated?

In the case of patients with disorders such as being of lower and upper jaw at behind or front, the treatment method is determined considering the age of the patient and treatment is started. In adolescents, if the lower and upper jaw structure is behind, it is necessary to start treatment with orthodontic methods. If the person is an adult, the treatment of lower and upper jaw disorders is performed together with orthodontics and surgery. Jaw incompatibility may be observed in situations such as mouth breathing due to functional disorders. Since the upper part of the chin will be narrow in a person who makes mouth breathing, it will be in V form.

Orthodontic disorders may occur in people who have used baby bottles and pacifiers for a long time and have habits such as thumbsucking and nail-biting. These habits should be avoided as early as possible.

Early or late loss of milk teeth can also cause crooked teeth. Instead of early lost milk teeth, the permanent tooth in the mouth slips into this gap. Since the teeth that need to come out from there cannot find a place for themselves, crookedness occurs.

How much is orthodontic treatment necessary?

In addition to aesthetic concerns in orthodontic treatments, it is aimed to prevent future gum diseases and problems in the jaw joint, to provide chewing functionality and to eliminate speech disorders in individuals.

Based on the current orthodontic problem in the patients, the treatment methods are determined with movable, functional, and fixed appliances. Orthodontic problems that are not at an advanced stage can be solved with rubber movable appliances that the patient can wear and remove.

With the conclusion of orthodontic treatment, it is of great importance not to neglect reinforcement treatments to prevent deterioration. Different appliances working passively can be used for this period.

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