Bariatric Surgery

Today, “Bariatric Surgery” is the most rational and effective way to fight obesitymorbid obesity, super and hyper obesity. Surgical procedures that vary according to the person’s eating habits and comorbid diseases are the most reliable approach for the patient to increase the quality of life and to step into a healthy life.

These surgeries aim to give people new habits after the operation, to radically change their eating habits, and to make physical activity a part of their lives. However, sometimes things may not go as expected.

At this point, Revision Surgery comes into play.

Revision surgery is the name given to the second surgery performed in case any surgery does not give results as it should due to the patient or technical problem. Today, the most common revision surgery is the removal of the stomach band, which we call a gastric band, due to insufficient weight loss and complications, and the procedure to be converted to another obesity surgery.

So, is revision surgery applied to people who have sleeve gastrectomy?

Revision surgery may be needed if the person cannot gain healthy eating habits for 2 years, cannot provide enough weight loss, or if the person is observed to gain weight again. Revision surgery is a method used when a surgeon who has not gained experience due to technical deficiencies or when sufficient weight loss is not achieved.

It should be known that revision surgery is more difficult and requires higher experience compared to the first surgery. The first surgery you have can be transformed into many different surgeries with revision surgery.

Sleeve Gastrectomy can be revised to Re-Sleeve Gastrectomy, i.e. a smaller stomach volume, or to By-pass type surgical procedures,

By-pass type surgeries can be revised to many types of surgery such as Roux-N Y Gastric By-pass or Duodenal Switch.

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