Procedure Time

1 Day



Final Results

6 Months

Sapphire FUE 

Technological developments in the field of health are preparing the ground for the use of a new method day by day in hair transplantation techniques and hair loss treatments. There has been great progress in hair transplantation and it has been turned into a procedure performed by noninvasive methods. Noninvasive is the name given to operations where surgical techniques are not used. No incision or sutures are used in new generation hair transplant operations. With the technological tools used, short-term healing performance is provided with minimal damage and bleeding. The natural results obtained by the FUE method, which is one of the most modern hair transplantation techniques widely applied today, have taken this success one step further by using sapphire tip special tools in the transplantation method.

In the Sapphire FUE operation, with sedation to be applied under the supervision of an anesthesiologist, and with the local anesthesia procedure before hair transplantation, pain is prevented. In this way, the patient experiences a more comfortable and painless hair transplantation. Although hair transplantation procedures are not very painful procedures, the new method is much more comfortable for patients with needle fear. The pain, which is already felt minimum, has been reduced to almost zero with this method. Sedation is a kind of sleep state that can be adjusted with sedative drugs according to the physical condition of the person and whose effect can be scaled accordingly, the depth of which is adjusted under control, and all reflexes of the person are preserved.

FUE, which is performed with tips produced from real sapphire, a very precious mine, refers to the use of a special sapphire tip instead of a metal tip in the canalizing stage of hair transplantation. FUE with sapphire tip is not a technique, but an innovation in the FUE method. By opening even smaller micro canals in the area where the hair follicles will be transplanted, it provides minimal scab formation and supports the healing process by accelerating.

In FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) performed with sapphire tip, hair follicles are taken from the donor area one by one using micro-tips with diameters ranging from 0.6 – 0.7 – 0.8 mm under local anesthesia. The collected hair follicles are transplanted into the canals to be opened in the FUE method, considering the angle, direction, and frequency issues that significantly affect the appearance of the hair. The opening of canals before the transplantation stage is the most important stage in the success of the operation. Micro canals can now be opened best with the help of special sapphire tips. Hair roots are transplanted in these canals. The fact that the small canals opened with sharp, smooth, and durable sapphire tips with 1.0 – 1.3 – 1.5 mm diameters are in the size of hair follicles increases the number of canals opened.

Due to its smooth surface with anti-bacterial properties, and physical properties such as hardness, sharpness, and durability, there will be much less vibration when using a sapphire tip during the canalization process. Thus, it is ensured that both the risk of trauma and tissue damage are at the lowest level. In some patients, very frequent hair transplantation is required. Frequent transplantation can be performed easily with FUE made with sapphire tip, which makes it possible to be applied to patients with advanced hair loss. By helping the grafts to be transplanted more frequently, it enables a more natural appearance to be obtained with hair density.


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