Procedure Time

2 to 4 Hours

Overnight Stay

5 Nights Hotel – 1 Night Hospital


General Anesthesia

Final Results

3 to 6 Months


2 to 4 Weeks to return to work

Side Effect:

Bruising, Infection, Swelling, Bleeding


Blood Clots, Bleeding, pulmonary complications, fat embolism, necrosis, Abcess Unsatisfactory Results


1 Month





Multiple surgeries:

Lower Back Lift, Vaser Liposuction

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Men and women who are unhappy with the appearance of their butts want to have butt lift surgery because they do not like the size and shape of their butt and the skin in this area sags.

The butt lift operation is known as the Brazilian Butt Lift and referred to as BBL. The butt lift procedure is an ideal solution for those who have the problem of losing the shape and fullness of the butt as a result of excessive weight loss or who want the side view of the butt to continue with a more protruding curve. Brazilian butt lift is a surgical procedure that can be customized according to the expectations of each patient. Two methods are commonly used.

The first one is applied by injecting fat into the butt. Initially, excess fat is removed from any part of the person’s body with excess fat with a vacuum-assisted device. It is injected into the butt of the person after a special procedure. All these operations are carried out in a single operation. With this operation, which hits two birds with one stone, the desired volume is reached in the butt area and the area with excess fat becomes thinner. In this way, a great improvement is seen in the patient’s body posture.

The second method is performed by bringing the buttocks to a more curved shape with the help of an implant. Implant support is generally preferred for people who do not have much fat in their body that can be injected into the butt. If there is an excessive skin sagging on the butt skin, the excess skin can be removed from the body by traditional methods.

Like most plastic surgery procedures, Brazilian butt lift surgery is often in demand together with liposuctionabdominoplasty or breast aesthetic operations.

The operation has permanent results, but if you intend to have butt enlargement with fat injections, you may consider having this BBL after you fall to the weight you want. Because losing weight after the BBL operation may cause a reduction in the volume of your butt.

For you to apply for Brazilian butt lift surgery, you are expected to meet some criteria.


First of all, to get the benefits of the operation process, the psychological health of the patient must be good.

The patient should quit smoking approximately 15 days before the operation and do not smoke for a long time after the operation. This rule also applies to alcohol consumption. Alcohol can dilute the blood, delaying the healing process of wounds.

Brazilian butt lift is a serious surgical procedure performed under anesthesia, so it requires your immune system strong enough to deal with the anesthesia. The Brazilian butt lift recovery generally takes 3-4 weeks.

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