Procedure Time

7 Hours

Dental Bleaching

Many reasons such as genetic factors, use of coffee, cigarettes, and antibiotics, and lack of oral and dental care cause the disappearance of the white look in the teeth over time. Yellowing of the teeth occurs and usually, dark spots may occur on the tooth surface. This appearance, which negatively affects the aesthetic appearance, can be eliminated by different tooth whitening methods. It is possible to have whiter teeth with methods applied under the control of a physician.


Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the correction of the upper and lower jaws and crooked teeth. It is aimed to prevent problems that may arise in the future by intervening in the teeth or jaw structure in the early period. Ensuring the correct positioning of teeth is considered one of the most important working areas of orthodontics.


The completion of missing teeth with the help of screws placed in the jawbone is called an implant. This method is more preferred in recent years. These screws made of titanium do not cause any damage to the jaw structure.

Laminate Veneer

The laminate veneer application, also known as leaf porcelain, takes its name from the plates in the thickness of the artificial nails used. With this method, teeth appear whiter and teeth disorders are eliminated.

Full Ceramic Crowns

The method applied to repair broken, worn, or partially decayed teeth is called crown coating. This method, which is frequently used today, is applied to protect the teeth, to obtain a better appearance, and to strengthen the teeth. This method is frequently used to strengthen weak and cracked teeth.

Pink Aesthetics

Today, many methods are used to capture an aesthetic smile and an aesthetic tooth appearance. One of them is a method called pink tooth aesthetics or pink aesthetics. Smooth teeth may not be enough for a beautiful smile. It may also be necessary to intervene in the gums to achieve the desired appearance. In this case, pink aesthetic methods are applied.

Porcelain Filling

With porcelain filling, the missing parts of the tooth are completed according to anatomical principles. In general, this filling method is used in patients with excessive tooth loss. The main purpose of this method is to preserve the natural structure and appearance of the tooth. It is especially applied to molar teeth frequently. This is because they are teeth that chew food, molar teeth should be more durable than other teeth.

Smile Design

Many factors, from the color of the teeth to the appearance, from the length to the thickness of the gums, determine the aesthetic appearance of the smile. For this reason, with the smile design application, it is ensured that the person has the smile he/she dreams of.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal diseases begin in the tooth socket. Withdrawal, bleeding, or shaking felt in the gums are the main symptoms of diseases in this area. If the treatment is not applied as a result of these and similar disorders, discomfort extending to the jawbone may occur.

Root Canal Treatment

The living tissue of a tooth, commonly known as the tooth’s nerve, is called pulpal tissue. There are very thin canals within this tissue. Fractures that occur as a result of tooth decay or external effects settle in the pulpal area as bacteria. In this case, the tooth may become inflamed or die completely. After a while, the tooth starts to ache and causes discomfort, and these disorders may also bring swelling. In this case, the tooth must be extracted. However, since replacing a tooth with an implant is very difficult and costly, cleaning the nerves in the pulp, that is, canal treatment in the tooth, is a more effective method.

Removable Prostheses

Some methods have been developed with the decay or loss of teeth over time. The most known and common of these are prostheses. The most basic characteristic of most of the prostheses, which you can easily meet your basic needs such as eating and drinking during the day, is that they are mobile, thus offering the opportunity to put on and take off.

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